* Updated April 2022


** Mask wearing is recommended to enter and exit the facility.

COVID Vaccination Passports are no longer required.


What does the COVID-19 Protection Framework mean for the gym?


RED: Gyms can open with restrictions. There is a 100 member capacity, or 1m distancing, whichever is lower.

Our boutique facility never gets close to 100 members at a time, so this is not an issue.


ORANGE: Gyms can open with no capacity or distancing restrictions


What safety guidelines are Fitness HQ following?

We are following ExerciseNZ’s guidelines on best practices for keeping members safe at all times, which have been developed with both Sport New Zealand and Worksafe using the Ministry of Health’s protocols.

What safety protocols are Fitness HQ implementing?

We are undergoing a deep clean of the equipment before our reopening. Since the first lockdown, we have implemented extra cleaning measures and protocols on top of our normal cleaning to ensure the gym is a very safe and clean place. Namely:

  • Extra hand sanitiser around the gym.
  • Extra sanitiser spray bottles for members to use on equipment.
  • Ensuring members sanitise equipment after group fitness classes.
  • Extra cleaning of gym equipment by staff throughout the day.
  • Mandatory sweat towel use – no towel no workout (you can purchase a FHQ Towel for $10)
  • Our staff will be wearing masks when not exercising in classes.
  • Limiting sharing of equipment in classes as much as possible (red light)


Do I need to wear a mask in the gym?

You do not need to wear a mask in the gym to exercise. However, we are reccomending that all individuals wear a mask on entry and exit of the facility.

What about physical distancing and capacity limits?

The MOH has worked out the capacity of gyms at how many people can stand 1M apart in the facility, or 100 people max.  With our boutique facility (and our capped membership base), we don’t get crowding issues and never exceed the 100 people max limit.

What hygiene and safety protocols do I need to follow?

We ask that every member take responsibility for their personal hygiene and also respects the space of others. This means:

  • Wearing a mask on entry and exit of the facility.
  • Washing or sanitising your hands on entry and exit.
  • Covering coughs and sneezes with the crook of your elbow,
  • Ensuring you bring your towel and use it on equipment.
  • Sanitising equipment after use.
  • Scanning your membership card.
  • Booking into classes. Please do not be offended if you are asked to leave if you have not booked.
  • Respecting the space and others and giving them distance where possible.


Do I need to book for classes?

Yes members will need to book using the booking system: https://member.clubware.co.nz/FitnessHQALB/TimeTable

If you are not already registered, sign up using your email you used to join the gym.

If you are having issues with the booking system, please email us: info@fhq.co.nz any relevant information (which class you could not book/time etc) will help us resolve the issue quicker.

Please note that our staff members CANNOT book classes for you.


What does this mean for after-hours access?

All safety protocols must be adhered to by members and are not allowed under any circumstances allow any other person into the facility using their access card