Hi Ladies

My name is Lauren. I am in my final year of studying for a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation degree, majoring in Sport and Exercise Science. I have been active for as long as I can remember. I played football and netball through primary school and netball and volleyball through high school. I was also lucky enough to go skiing every year from the age of 8. I love skiing so much, that I would ski every day if I could!

I started going to the gym seriously at age seventeen. Unfortunately, as I started making progress and getting into a rhythm, I got diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. I gained back the 10kg I had just worked so hard to lose in a matter of weeks, which meant my motivation to attend the gym went out the door.

Two years ago, I had managed to improve the condition of my auto-immune disease by adopting a cleaner diet alongside medication. I started going to the gym frequently again as I missed being able to release university stress and work on myself. Almost as soon as I started, I got Glandular fever!

After taking some time off to rest I began attending the gym frequently once again and I am absolutely loving it. I find it gives me more energy and those endorphins give me the perfect boost to get on with my day to day life. I especially love going to group fitness classes alone or with friends. It gives me that extra motivation to head to the gym to have a great workout, and saves me a lot of time in terms of planning out a gym session. I love group fitness as I push myself way more than I could on my own and have had great results. I look forward to helping you in your own fitness journey and seeing your results too!