Ever since I can remember sport has been an important aspect of my life. Growing up I played all sports imaginable and was often told I was doing too much. I disagreed and continued to play as many sports as possible. My favourites included football, netball, hockey, and basketball.

Throughout the years, I endured countless injuries and as a result, spent many hours in physio and at doctors appointments. I always thought I would study to become a sports injury physiotherapist. However, my passion for sport, exercise, and nutrition has grown stronger over the past few years and I want to be more involved in the process of training people to reach their goals. This has led me down the path of fitness instruction, strength training, sport-specific conditioning, coaching, and nutrition.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at AUT double majoring in sport & exercise science and sport management. Working in a gym aligns perfectly with my future studies and goals. I am excited to extend my knowledge and learn new things, whilst gaining valuable experience.

When I’m not studying or working, I’ll be on a football pitch where I play competitive division 1 woman’s football or on a netball court either playing or umpiring. My other passions include baking, cleaning, running, and going on adventures.




“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln