Hey everyone!
I’m Sam. Right from a young age I’ve always played sport and lucky for me was naturally good at it.

I went through a variety of sports throughout primary school including soccer, touch, netball, athletics, hockey, dancing and swimming. I soon realized I wasn’t that competitive and enjoyed playing sports more for the social aspect and the overall fitness because I was so full of energy. As I grew older, one by one, the sports dropped off until I was only playing netball through college. At this point in my life I didn’t care too much for health and ate a ridiculous number of sugary treats as well as not exercising enough to keep me fit. Fortunately, I had very good metabolism, so my lack of exercise and overeating didn’t affect me with weight gain however it did start to affect me in other ways. I became very moody and emotional, always lacking energy and not copying with stress. I always loved cross country in school sports, so I began running and discovered it was such a great way to keep fit and relieve stress. This is where my passion for health and fitness began.

I developed a love for exercising by writing my own exercise programs and creating a little gym at home. I also learnt more about healthy eating and now love being in the kitchen creating healthy recipes for all my favourite foods. This has led me to study a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Auckland double majoring in exercise science and physiology. I’m interested in moving to a more clinical based setting working in rehabilitation because I’m so fascinated by the brain to body connection throughout exercise.

My biggest piece of advice when beginning any health journey is exercise for the way it makes you feel, not for the way it makes you look!