Group Fitness Classes
Join us and be motivated, with our jam-packed Group Fitness Timetable. We offer 24 classes per week with 11 different class types and catering to all fitness levels, there is heaps of variety and something for everyone! We specialise in small group fitness, 1 – 18 people. Never get lost in the crowd! We offer classes from 6am to 6:30pm weekdays and 5 classes on the weekends. Our classes are available on a casual basis as well as unlimited on a membership option.
  Personal Training
We have experienced Personal Trainers on hand to help you get to your health and fitness goals faster and safer.  Our personal trainers specialise in a variety of things including, weight loss, pregnancy and post-natal exercise, toning, strength and sport-specific. Come have a chat to one of our PT’s and see how we can help you.
  Nutrition Programs
Need accountability with not only the personal training but the nutrition too? Check out our Platinum memberships or Transformation programs. We have partnered together the support and accountability you not only need at the gym, but also the lifestyle factors which include your diet, for the best results. Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight safely, get fitter – faster & stronger, and support and motivate you in your exercise, all in a sustainable way. No fad exercise programs or crash diets here, get the weight off, and keep it off!
  Full-Service Gym
Our 24-hour main gym area includes a Cardio area, our express 30-minute circuit and a free weights Area.  We have a huge range of free weights as well as weight machines, including a cable machine and squat rack with an Olympic bar.
  Infrared Sauna
Come relax and unwind in our personal infrared sauna. The sauna is available during staffed hours for yourself or with a couple of friends for a 30-minute session. Reserve a time or can jump in if it is available. The infrared sauna is included with all of our membership options.               Casual sauna visits available – ($19 + a friend $5 each)