Morgan Herbst

Ever since I can remember sport has been an important aspect of my life. Growing up I played all sports imaginable and was often told I was doing too much. I disagreed and continued to play as many sports as possible. My favourites included football, netball, hockey, and basketball.

Throughout the years, I endured countless injuries and as a result, spent many hours in physio and at doctors appointments. I always thought I would study to become a sports injury physiotherapist. However, my passion for sport, exercise, and nutrition has grown stronger over the past few years and I want to be more involved in the process of training people to reach their goals. This has led me down the path of fitness instruction, strength training, sport-specific conditioning, coaching, and nutrition.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at AUT double majoring in sport & exercise science and sport management. Working in a gym aligns perfectly with my future studies and goals. I am excited to extend my knowledge and learn new things, whilst gaining valuable experience.

When I’m not studying or working, I’ll be on a football pitch where I play competitive division 1 woman’s football or on a netball court either playing or umpiring. My other passions include baking, cleaning, running, and going on adventures.


“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

Carol Sequeira



I am a vibrant, self-motivated team player with a passion for health and fitness. I have been training myself in the gym for over 34 years. I first got into training others, when I qualified as a personal trainer in 2006 through the Exercise Teachers Academy in South Africa.  I have competed in numerous fitness events and Body Building shows over the years, which fuels my passion to stay healthy and maintain an excellent fitness level and shape all year round. In my first body-building competition I placed 1st, at the age of 45! I went onto Nationals where I placed 3rd.  Did many competitions after that in SA, and achieved various awards over the years.

I love conducting personal training or small group fitness sessions, helping 100’s of people lose weight as well as condition their bodies. I also train and prep clients to compete in bikini and physique competitions. In my group fitness classes, I like to incorporate metabolic resistance training, with a variety of both cardio and strength training.

So, whether you are looking for weight loss, fitness and toning, bodybuilding, or merely want a change of program, I am here to help you!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”