Common questions that we get asked are often about what particular diet you should be following.
They are usually questions like, what do you think of this diet? Does [insert famous person here] weight loss plan work? Should I cut carbs from my diet? Or what diet should I be on?

At the end of the day, you can lose on pretty much any diet, as they have one common goal. To reduce calories. By reducing calories you go into a calorie deficit and use fat stores for energy.

I strongly believe the best diet is one that works for YOU, by being sustainable. You need to be able to stick to it. There is no point forcing yourself to stick to a Paleo diet if you love carbs and no reason you should jump on the keto wave if you can’t tolerate that much fat in your diet.

In saying that your old diet of coffee and toast is not going to be ideal for your body to function and perform optimally. Try to think about food as a fuel source that can energise and heal the body.

Key things to remember:

Love your fruit & veg! (5+ a day).

Try to eat 1g – 1.5g x your body weight in protein daily.

Low GI “good carbs” will keep you more full.

Everything in moderation.

A balance meal is Carbs, protein, fats (include fruit and vegetables as good carbs).

Don’t drink your calories! (Fizzy drink, juices and energy drinks are big causes of weight gain).

If you are missing something from your diet, then you should look at supplementing.


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